Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crastinus Recruits at Illinois Latin Convention

Crastinus found some great recruits at the Illinois Junior Classical League convention at Pekin Community High School last Saturday.  After laying out the responsibilities and rewards of serving with the eagles of Rome, Crastinus recruited a number of students to the stage to try out the armor and drill to some basic commands.  These recruits were chosen from those who correctly answered questions about the presentation, and there were plenty to choose from.  At the end, students who follow Roman Personas on FB and Twitter got the chance to battle with foam swords on stage.  The winner went up against Crastinus, but quickly learned how difficult it is to get around a huge Roman shield!

Pekin did a tremendous job hosting the convention, and it was a great pleasure to talk with several teachers and students from around the state.  I was particularly impressed with one Pekin student who told her friend, who was helping me carry equipment to my truck, that he was holding the shield with the wrong hand.  Clearly she had  been listening to Crastinus!

I owe the biggest thanks to Marcene Farley, the Latin teacher at Pekin Community High School and sponsor of her school's chapter of JCL.  It is easy to see not only that her students love her, but why they do.  Tu es magistra optima et maxima!

A few pictures are below, but you can see the full album of pics from this event at

Check back soon for a post about how all this got started...the back-story of Gaius Crastinus, if you will!  See you on the battlefield!

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